About us

We are …

The Jusos is more than the youth organisation of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD). Our goal is to promote the values of democratic socialism and to represent the interests of our generation. Although we are a constant working group of the SPD recognized by the party statute, we do not limit our activities to the party. We rather see our task in forming a link between social democracy as represented by the SPD and civil society that fights for similar ideals (our „dual strategy“). Our strong involvement enables us to influence the decision making processes in both spheres and to fuel the hopes and visions of the young people and activists into the political agenda of the SPD. Forming the left and feminist corrective inside the SPD, we feel obliged to speak out loudly and publicly against dangerous trends in society, in other political movements and even among ourselves. Voicing such criticism is our form of critical solidarity with the mother party. Today, we are an organisation with about 68,000 members. The majority of them are members of the SPD below the age of 35 years and as such automatically receive their membership in Jusos. Additionally, more than 10,000 young people have chosen the option to become a member of Jusos only, without joining the mother party.

100 years of history

Jusos are proud of their 100 years of history, a history rich in ideological discussion, full of conflict, sometimes even of persecution. Founded in 1904, international solidarity and democratic socialism have remained fundamental issues for us young socialists. As part of a political movement, our thinking has been influenced by the ideas of personalities such as Karl Marx, Rosa Luxemburg und Willy Brandt. We are socialists and thus committed to the idea that “the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all” (Communist Manifesto). In our political work, we combine our believes with the challenges of modern times, both nationally and internationally. As an active member of the International Union of Socialst Youth (IUSY) and the European Community Organisation of Socialist Youth (ECOSY) we are commited together with our partners worldwide to put into practice and defend the ideals of democratic socialism.

We are fighting for …

As young socialists, we fight for equal opportunities in our society and for our generation. Our society must not be based on the survival of the fittest but on solidarity. Consequently, full employment, gender equality and social justice are the goals that we focus on. Cornerstones of our local and national campaigns are the following:

A high level of social standards

The profit-based neoliberal ideology produces a few winners – but many losers. Instead, a reform of the social system needs to achieve more social justice and to overcome social exclusion. We are against cuts of unemployment benefits and a privatisation of pensions and health care services. Solutions must also be found for modern risks of a flexible capitalism such as short term employment and self-employment. A redistribution of wealth can balance such injustice in society. Jusos therefore propose to increase the inheritance tax and to re-establish a property tax.

Education is a human right

Investments in the educational system must be increased. Access to basic and higher education must be independent from personal income and social status. Jusos demand to establish a comprehensive financial support system for all students. We completely object to any kind of tuition fees as socially unjust. The liberalisation and privatisation of the educational system as provided for by GATS is a dangerous development. Education is not for sale!

Fighting youth unemployment

Young citizens must have the right of a vocational training. Enterprises are thus under the obligation to offer a sufficient number of jobs for young people. The government has thus introduced the plan to punish firms financially that do not answer to this need. Jusos have been lobbying for this plan for years!

Quota is the way

There is no denying it: Women are still discriminated against in all fields of public and private life. To promote gender equality, it is necessary to legislate an equality law that ensures a comprehensive quota regime in the fields of politics, public administration and private enterprises. Jusos ensure the equal representation of women in all organisational bodies by a binding quota of 40 percent.

Populist dangers

Discrimination is wide-spread phenomenon not only against women, but also against social, ethnic and religious minorities. They are often the victims of populist demagogues who offer easy solutions on the expenses of these socially weak and excluded. Stoiber, Haider, Berlusconi, Le Pen: Together with left and progressive forces, Jusos fight such tendencies in our society and Europe-wide!

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